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The Beginnings... The Goals

As 50 Hoops National Prostate Cancer Awareness Basketball Tournaments and Health Fairs moves into it's 7th year, we are ever conscious that statistics show minorities have a greater incidence of prostate cancer than any other race of men. Studies also show that minorities have a greater resistance to being screened for prostate cancer.

50 Hoops mission is to:

1) raise awareness about prostate cancer, research, health education and early diagnosis of prostate cancer

2) provide men aged 50 and over an opportunity to compete for fun

3) serve as a community awareness vehicle for participating pharmaceutical, product sponsors and health/fitness professionals

A 5-year community outreach program for 50 Hoops Millennium targets 50 Hoops to reach over 5000+ (which began January 2000) via media, internet & 50 Hoops events.  It's called 50 Hoops Millennium Marketing and includes both special events and interactive internet site functions.  Our goal is to be responsible for screening 5000+ men by the year 2005.

50 Hoops acquires funding from product corporations, pharmaceutical corporations and private sources to expand on our mission and to include participants from up to 50 cities across the United States.

Our affiliation with AFUD, cooperative association with the National Medical Association, partnership with the National Human Genome Institute at Howard (AAHPC), The National Center for Hereditary Research, the National Council of Negro Women and 100 Black Men and major cancer-centric affilliates give us a good indication that 50 Hoops can run a successful campaign ANYWHERE in the country; using the prototype and strategies which have been implemented during the past years.

NPFR Project Goal: To identify prostate cancer survivors and family members that will act as "contacts" for the family in this human genome recruitment effort. To identify families who have family members (father, brother, uncle, grandfather) who may have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and who meet the criteria for national human genome studies focusing on African Americans.


The REASON:  To save lives; in partnership and in concert with local cancer/prostate cancer organizations in the cities where 50 Hoops appears.  

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1998:  50 Hoops began in Dallas, Tx. with an educational campaign supported by Dr. Claus Roehrborn, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urology at the University Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and a handful of national corporations.  Within a year, 50 Hoops grew, drawing and educating men 50+ about prostate cancer within a sports environment.

1999:  50 Hoops expanded; included Dallas and Atlanta and added the prostate cancer awareness Health Fair (offering PSA screening and rectal examinations), Educational Exhibits and workshops targeted to men 50+ and their families.  Nearly 3 dozen minority men were screened for prostate cancer, and our open HOTLINE continues to receive calls for prostate cancer information.  This has provided 50 Hoops with a prototype for growth.

2000:  Expanding to Washington, D.C., 50 Hoops' approach to prostate cancer awareness continues to magnetize "physician-shy" men to overcome their fear and resistance to prostate cancer (and other cancer) screening. Most importantly, the community seminars educate and reward participants for learning more.

Nearly 50 men were screened for prostate cancer during 50 Hoops 2000 2-day D.C. event.--A RECORD for 50 Hoops in the 2 years of prostate cancer screening, targeted to the underserved communities.

2001:  Detroit offered new insights about attitudes related to prostate cancer education.  Dr. Isaac Powell and Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute screened nearly 60 men with PSA and DRE testing and obtained two possible families that may meet criteria for the historic African American Hereditary Prostate Cancer (AAHPC) study.  50 Hoops broadened its offering to add follow-up treatment by the host hospital.

A new acquisition for 50 Hoops - the NPFR project.  NPFR is a national physician, community and media outreach for African American prostate cancer patient & family recruitment.

2002: 2002 was an EXPLOSIVE year for 50 Hoops causing expansion in all directions. The VIP kickoff breakfast was included as part of 50 Hoops in Houston, Detroit and Philadelphia events. National evaluations were introduced allowing us to expand the tournament to include;  The Minister Shoot Out. The focus was more heavily on women only and men only seminars and workshops.  

50 Hoops broadened NPFR to a community and media outreach collaboration with the National Human Genome Institute at Howard University. 

"As the principal investigator of the Houston site of the AAHPC Study and Associate Professor in the Department of Urology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, we are very interested in novel methods for getting the message out about early detection and education," said Dr. Curtis Pettaway.  "50 Hoops unique approach of incorporating basketball with education certainly 'fills the bill' and has been successful in Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit and Washington, D.C."

Breast Cancer screening was also added in Philadelphia. Strong community ties were forged to bond  long term relationships.  The Kappas co-sponsored in Philadelphia.  "The Kappas continue to be a forerunner in the fight against prostate cancer," commented Richard Snow, Executive Director of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc.

2003 - Click HERE for Highlights:  

50 Hoops soared to new heights and spread our wings.  50 Hoops was part of the highly successful Missouri Black Expo, which brings 1000's of African American consumers and businesses together. Our first 50 Hoops Franchise city event was born in Philadelphia.

We also added Women's tournament (21-49) and Men's Tournament (30-49).



Looking ahead to 2004 ....

50 Hoops will be a part of 3 expos across the nation

 and will expand to 7 cities!