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Prostate Cancer 101
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Clinical Trials

Clinical Participation Education
Patient Recruitment Outreach
101Dinner Series

National prostate cancer and cancer events honor prostate cancer survivors and have been respectfully hosted by:

UM Sykvester
MD Anderson
Fox Chase


Prostate Cancer 101 Dinner Lecture Series

Program Organizers:
National Physician and Family Referral (NPFR)

Local and National Partners include: Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participants (CISCRP), National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer (NBLIC), National Human Genome Center at Howard University (NHGC), Coalition of African American Networks (CaAN), CBO Coalitions that are part of NPFR’s national network.

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Existing Partners:

NPFR Cancer 101 Dinner Lecture Series
In each targeted city, in collaboration with Medical Hosts, staff, local community leaders, ministers and distinguished community panel join celebrities in discussion on prostate cancer and cancer topics. These topics include community responsibility for education and participating in programs designed for prevention, discovery of treatment options, quality of life and other diseases which affect African Americans. . Hospital, public health and local Cancer Center and patient advocacy representatives serve as guest facilitators. Other related topics, which are discussed, include racial disparities in prostate cancer education and other diseases, which affect African Americans. NPFR will coordinate all annual follow-up with community leaders and organizations signing up for distribution of health education information from NPFR and it's Medical and Research partners.

CISCRP (Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation)
CISCRP as partner will help develop ongoing local public awareness programs, which highlight key education and outreach issues and education regarding the clinical research process.. Topics include a basic overview of the clinical trials process, risks, benefits, rights, protections, issues regarding informed consent, and the importance of minority participation in clinical research. Presenters include physicians, study staff and patients who have participated in clinical research and studies.

NBLIC (National Black Leadership On Cancer)
As cancer information partners, NBLIC will provide surveys and educational information to better gauge attitudes which affect African Americans outreach for health education.

NHCG (National Human Genome Center)
Howard University's National Human Genome Center helps NPFR develop surveys to investigate social attitudes about cancer, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases which affect African American families. Various departments offer speakers and information on the importance of Human Genome Research Education to African Americans done by an African American University.

Proposed Partnership Collaboration Program:
NPFR will develop with its partners a joint customized program to be delivered as part of the NPFR Dinner/Lecture series on Cancer and other NPFR programs and events developed outreach education for Diseases affecting African Americans.

Audiences: African American males, African American families

Physicians, study staff, community leaders (political, spiritual) community health representatives, Partner representatives, health education experts, prostate cancer and cancer survivors, study volunteers.

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Community Advocacy Site Training:
MATCHMAKING Luncheon Workshop


NEW!! Clinical Trials Education and Awareness PARTNERSHIP

2016 2015

2016 Annual Report

Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60

Dallas AACT I, II Lecture

AACT I, II Lectures

2016 Premier of the Durham AACT I, II Lecture Series

African Americans in Clinical Trials I, II
Durham Premier Advisory Team 2016

50 Hoops Legends!

50 Hoops 2015 Tournament & Health Fair

50 Hoops 2015 Annual Report

AACT I, II Dinner Lectures 2015

Dallas AACT I, II Lecture Program

FAB 50 2015 Memphis

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Annual Report

NEW! The C.A.S.T.

2014 50 Hoops Breakfast,
Tournament and Health Fair

16th Anniversary  Basketball Tournament Videos


Annual Report
2012 2011

50 Hoops 2012 Tournament & Health Fair with Sr. Olympics

Cancer Breakfast

Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60: May 2012 - Alzheimer's Disease

Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60: Putting the CAN in Cancer 

2011 Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60:
Heart to Heart Dinner Lecture Series

Prostate & Colon Cancer Breakfast

Tournament & Health Fair

50 Hoops 2011 Annual Report

50 Hoops Prostate Cancer 101 Breakfast

50 Hoops Basketball Tournament & Health Fair

Fabulous 50 to Sexy at 60:
Prostate & Colon Cancer Dinner Lecture

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Media Outreach

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Identify core prostate cancer and African American community organizations to serve as a Coalition to focus on locating African American and Black families with history of prostate cancer. Through these Coalitions of local organizations, NPFR will facilitate direct collaboration with doctors and scientists working in National Human Genome Research. This community participation in the outcome of prostate cancer research is an historic undertaking, and has the endorsement of National Human Genome Center at Howard University and collaboration with dozens of other centers working on Prostate Cancer and other diseases which strongly affect the African American and Black communities across the country.



Radio One

50 Hoops & Radio-ONE Affiliate
2008 – 2010 Presentation

National Prostate Cancer Basketball Tournaments & Health Fairs is now a Radio-One Affiliate Event. Learn more.

Coalitions, Networks and Partnerships

As we move into our 10th Anniversary, we are proud to say that 50 Hoops has benefited many communities and saved hundreds of lives directly and indirectly.  Over the years, we have developed partnerships, networks and coalitions, which in 2008 – 2010 will expand into nation-wide coalitions for education and benefit of prostate cancer research.  Here are a few comments about 50 Hoops—AFTER we’ve left the community: Coalitions, Networks and Partnerships

50 Hoops is now a registered trademark.

We’ve been around since 1998, and now we’re an official Trademarked organization. 

See our history
Upcoming Events

What is 50 Hoops ?

Basketball Tournament for:

  • Men aged 50+. Teams Play for trophies and prizes.
  • Men's/Women's Basketball: Men aged 30 – 49 play basketball to win customized trophy and prizes
  • Women, aged 21 – 39 also play for prizes and gifts.

Player Registration $15.00
Team Registration $50.00

Men’s Health – Focus on prostate cancer education, support groups and men’s health issues including colon cancer, impotence, exercise and fitness, featuring local prostate cancer survivors and physicians.
FREE prostate cancer screening on-site, hosted by local hospital.

Education – Information regarding breast and prostate cancer and their high incident rates within the same family, clinical trials education with Q&A; partnered with local Cancer networks.

Heroes, Heroines & Superstars:
Prostate Cancer Survivors, patients and their families are spotlighted at games and workshops to tell their story of fear (of screening, diagnosis), of learning about treatment options, and benefiting from their prostate cancer education.

NPFR Community Based Organization (CBO) Coalition. Prostate cancer networks and local coalitions united for medical and human genome research and education

NPFR PC CaAN (Prostate Cancer Coalition of African American Networks)


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50 Hoops in their quest to promote Prostate Cancer Awareness.

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Family Affair:

Local Honored Family: Three brothers, all from city/;state, who all have had prostate cancer, or breast, kidney, colon, bladder cancer. Their biological Sister(s) and/or wives who are cancer survivors will be the feature of the program.

This prototype will be used in all cities, utilizing local "Brothers" and NPFR sponsored celebrities for educational impact.

City Sponsor should provide a banner and educational materials related to Cancer, Cancer clinical trials and product development.


Time frame: 4 – 6 months prep time.

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